The Marilungo premium production

The Marilungo premium production consists of 34 different shapes of Pasta divided into long shapes, short shapes, specialties and organic egg pasta. We make Pasta with durum wheat and fresh pasteurized eggs without any water.

Pasta Marilungo is prepared with the finest grains grown in Marche, Umbria and Tuscany exclusively while our eggs are all of Free Range hens in the territory nearby our factory.

The preparation is an artisanal process since the majority of the process is performed manually: today Marilungo pasta making is carried out as has been taught, following century old local traditions. We prepare our unique dough into a thin “sfoglia”; we cut it into shapes and then lay it on paper sleeves.

We dry our Pasta slowly and gradually for 24 to 30 hours at low temperatures. During the drying process, the Pasta loses about 40% of its weight. Once cooked, the Pasta regains its wet volume and thus just 250g can serve four portions.

The minimal cooking time, which takes less than two minutes, allows Pasta Marilungo to maintain its nutritional and organoleptic qualities.