Centenary Tradition

Since 1958

La Pasta di Campofilone Marilungo has specialized in the preparation of egg pasta of the highest quality for more than fifty years. Today, we are representative of the century old gastronomic tradition that has made the small medieval Italian town of Campofilone known around the world.

Our close-knit bond with the local territory and its rich history has elevated the reputation of our pasta beyond its humble origins. Following the century old tradition to prepare pasta in order to preserve wheat and eggs during the cold season, Pasta Marilungo has now become widely recognized for its gastronomic excellence and is a proud symbol of identity for Campofilone and its valley.

Our Exquisite Pasta is the result of a rigid production process carried out with the same care, precision and attention taught to us by our ancestors. All Marilungo Pasta is ISO 22005 certified for its traceability: the “Maccheroncini IGP di Campofilone” was the first egg pasta in Europe to receive the Protected Geographical Indication in 2013.

Pasta Marilungo is a “boutique” of egg pasta preparation; our production capacity is purposefully limited in order to guarantee our Clients the absolute maximum quality and the best representation of the Italian Artisanal Excellency.